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    Lijia brand products since listing, with novelty, fashion, quality custom furniture products and much public praise, the number of stores is also increasing. In 2016, Youpin Lijia started to upgrade the brand strategy, to upgrade the brand image.
    First, the first to upgrade is the name of the brand
    Superior products Lijia upgrade for the excellent product of Jia Li, superior moral obvious significance of high-quality products, excellent products, Lijia upgrade for Jia Li, in the original emphasis on the basis of, "watchers" word group word is "husband and wife", Blair said the couple is two important components of a home, prominent superior Jia Li, custom furniture, people-oriented, to home as the center of the starting point; and "Jia" is a music, superior Jia Li meaning: with joy family enjoy the high quality furniture.
    Two, LOGO upgrade
    Original brand name and brand identity
    New brand name and logo

    Li Jia brand new product LOGO has been enabled, the original LOGO is no longer in use!
    From the beginning of the brand recognition brand logo, so the design of LOGO is the key to upgrade the Youpin Li jia. Pictured above, the superior Jia Li new logo. The logo in orange finish. In the middle of the image on the left is superior to homophonic up two letters combined deformation. In above, plus the triangle roof, states the conception of moral; the combination of deformation in the middle of the orange circle, Li Jia is superior in the center of the brand concept. The English HOME logo on the right side, the formation of Li Ka English superior UPHOME and the left logo.
    At present, the new logo has been in April 20, 2016 in the promotion, production, security and other aspects of the use of the old LOGO has been fully disabled. Anti-counterfeit labels, will appear in succession enabled new logo edge banding superior Jia Li furniture products, please consumers pay attention to distinguish. (part of the product due to the new LOGO enabled orders before may still use the old security edge, belongs to the normal phenomenon)
    The brand name and logo of the upgrade, the better inheritance brand concept, from the visual, auditory, two better optimization brand, effectively improve product Jia Li brand recognition and brand communication efficiency. Currently products Jia Li and logo has the gradual completion of the replacement work with the old logo and is pushed to the market; at the same time, superior Jia Li store image design, graphic design also synchronization is in progress, I believe future states Jia Li will be able to love more and more market.
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